How to control emotions in binary trading

One of the major advantages of binary trading is that everyone can do it. You do not have to be a financial expert or a trader with experience. It is enough that you are willing to learn and practice, and also be informed about the conditions in the market. If you follow these guidelines, you are likely to become a very successful binary trader.

However, there is one more aspect you need to pay attention to, and it concerns emotions. If you want to become successful at binary trading, you need to learn how to control them.

Why it is important to control emotions

Do not take this wrong, there is really nothing wrong with emotions and being emotional. However, in binary trading it is definitely not something you would want to involve.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaapfaaaajgzlzju2ytdiltqxodctngqzys05ztzkltq0mgyyytvjn2nlzgWhen you create a trading plan and make decisions about the trades you want to execute, keep in mind that there is no room for emotions. In binary trading, everything must be based on reason, logic and realistic situation. If you involve feelings and intuition into something like this, you are likely to make many wrong steps in the trading process. Binary trading involves making a lot of decisions, and if you make emotionally-based decisions in an area which relies on logic and real-time events, it will not end well.

Another reason to leave the emotions aside is the fact that they can distract you from your trading plan. If you take every earning or loss of money too emotionally, you can make a lot of wrong decisions for future trades. If you decide on trades based on feelings, it can lead you into compulsive behavior and turn trading into gambling.

Make a trading plan

trading_evo1-1-680x380One of the best ways to keep the emotions under control is to create a detailed trading plan. It should include the assets you want to trade, the number of trades you will execute per day or the amount of time you will spend trading. Also, make a financial plan and include the amount of money you are willing to invest every day, but also the amount you can afford to lose. Be realistic, rely on your budget, and never include the money you need for your monthly expenses. If you make a realistic plan, it is much easier to control your trades and your behavior while trading. It is also a good idea to keep record of the outcomes of your trades. This way you will have a realistic insight of your success and you will be able to change the trading strategies if you have to.

Set and forget

is-binary-options-gamblingAnother good way of overcoming emotional reactions and decision-making is applying the “set and forget” trading strategy. This means that you can trade the options with longer expiry periods, so you can execute the trades and forget about them until the expiry time approaches. Another way is to use a binary robot. This way you can set the trading parameters at the beginning, set the expiry period and forget about the trades until you get the notification that the trades are over. Learn more about one at

You should choose whichever method suits you best, as long as you stay rational, reasonable and leave the emotions out of trading.